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L’École du Bar de Montréal offers a vast choice of specialized mixology workshops, they are addressed as much for amateurs as for passionate people who wants to know more about the fascinating domain of spirits, mixology and bartending. Come and discover the origin of alcohols/spirits and learn new recipes and so much more …


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Each mixology workshop lasts about 2:30h and includes  :

1 welcoming cocktail
2 cocktails prepared in teams of 2 people
1 shooter
1 gift from one of our trading partners
3 techniques / skills taught

Workshops take place in our local, they are given to groups of 8 persons or more at 89.00$ CAN per person.

For mixology workshops given at home, at your office or for groups of more than 15 persons, please contact us to discuss your needs and logistics.

Introduction to mixology

The objective of this workshop is to demystify the legendary world of mixology. It is important to understand that any cocktail recipe isn’t set in stone; a recipe can be put to the test of change. Does it work every time ? You will be able to judge by yourself. This workshop will give you the opportunity to assimilate the basic principles of classic cocktails but also pimp them according to your tastes and personality. Come on down !

We pour with pride:

gin Citadelle

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